No One Asked You To.

Women possess this amazing ability: to be a chameleon. We can make ourselves become almost anything we need to be if we see the benefit attached to the change. It could be a minor shift (a tweak in colour here and there) or a major transformation (everything changes to match the surroundings). We have always … Continue reading No One Asked You To.



I can hardly believe my last blog was in August 2017! I guess I can say that lots has happened and also a lot has not happened. One of the biggest challenges with starting something new is being consistent and I haven’t been doing that very well when it comes to my blog for many … Continue reading Sabbatical?

9 Day Wonder

What does a nation do when its annual highlight season of the calendar is marred by senseless violence? Nothing. It looks like our nation is doing nothing. Massive social media outrage. Facebook prayer posts from ministers. A few articles in the newspaper. Swept under the carpet. Business continues as usual. Nothing to see here. I … Continue reading 9 Day Wonder


My 26th year of life has begun. It didn’t come with a whole bunch of bells and whistles.  Rather it came like that moment you realize it’s exactly 12am and you think to yourself ‘Wow… it’s my birthday. Happy birthday to me!’ Immediately, I was overcome by the feeling of real contentment and  happiness that rises … Continue reading Milestone