#icannotwithher or can you?

Scenario #1 “But Danie, you know women like that.” “Like what?” “CATTY! Once two women in a room, there’s gonna be competition. Somebody will envy the other woman’s hair, or dress or nails or something.” “C’mon! It’s not like that all the time. I’m a woman… I know!” “Right! But 90% of the time it’s like … Continue reading #icannotwithher or can you?


The High Standard Reality: Part 2

Guarding our heart helps us to be wise about the relationships we engage that will ultimately impact our lives. Now that’s serious business! Simply because with time, we get to see the impact of those relationships in our lives. Choosing a spouse is a really big deal but let’s not look pass how important it is also to choose good … Continue reading The High Standard Reality: Part 2

Picture it.

Does any one remember that scene in Runaway Bride when Coach Bob, Maggie’s fiance is trying to help her overcome her ‘flight response’ by using sports psychology? It’s a comical scene when Coach Bob practically carries Maggie down the isle; holding her like a puppeteer and telling her to visualize herself as the football traveling through … Continue reading Picture it.

A Lottabody Tale

Ok… Lottabody’s recent upload of a new campaign video #alottalove is perfectly romantic in every way. The documentary style social experiment captures the vlog entries of five to seven women sharing their thoughts and expectations on kissing a complete stranger for the first time. Between the music score, varied depictions of natural hair types, beautiful … Continue reading A Lottabody Tale